Krishna Talk

Krishna is learning new words everyday and forgetting old ones. One of his favourite words is popoyinthi-(fall down in baby Telugu) which is a modified form of padupoyinthi and used in third person neuter gender. Meaning something fell down. Krishna would fall down and cry popoyinthi, popoyinthi…

He would throw his toys on the floor from high chair or sofa and cry popoyinthi, popoyinthi. Sometimes the toys would fall down by mistake but mostly little boy would throw them down and cry popoyinthi. One of his favourite words for last six months. He doesn’t say popoyinthi now he says dabal which is the modification of damal the sound of something falling down. Now it is Dabal this dabal that. Mekka dabal, uppsy dabal, kittappa dabal.

Little boy calls himself as Kitta or Kiitappa or baby.

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